Dale Diamond
2010-02-19 00:10:06 (UTC)

Chapter 1

High school wow their suppose to be the years you decided
what you wanna do in life but me i know what i wanted to do
i knew what i wanted to achieve! i want to be the top bot
the top escort...
Growing up i never had the easy up bringing, i used to
lose myself in music till one day the next door neighbor
made a move at me i was only 15, but i couldn't help but
look into his eyes and see through to his soul, see what he
wanted me to do to him! First it was just a touch here and
there. I couldn't keep my head in my book at school as i'd
wonder off in to thought what can i do to make him smile
next time! i knew from that age i loved sex... Feeling his
breath on my virgin body was amazing kissing my neck goose
pimples running up and down my body, placing his cock in my
mouth i first thought what do i do to this, i just thought
of a nice hot summer day the the mouth action id give to a
ice lolly and i found my self ace at the job.

Days go by, months go bye and we have a connection he's sit
outside my bedroom window passing notes "i love you" but did
i really love him of was it just because he was my first
taste of gay life i couldn't answer that question i couldn't
say it back. High school was coming to an end and i knew i
wanted to make it big. i didn't wanna be a pop star nor a
footballer nor a police man i wanted to be an "escort" i
wanted people to be with me and forget about there problems
whilst entertaining my smooth body. i wanted to feel a
connection with everyone i could. I got to that stage where
I'd have a song for each client. why would i have to get a
proper job this is my living this is how i live! I kept
telling my self why slave away in an office, when i can earn
a good wage within a day.
I told my self i had to get to London to make it big see my
problem is i always like to think the grass is greener on
the other side. I made the big move to the Capital of the
country i ran away to London i came across simple but i knew
what i was doing!!!!
Days went past before i got my first client and wow London
was different it was like the British movies drug, sex, rock
and roll. i fitted in like the last jigsaw piece you have
been looking for, for the last 17 years i loved the high
life coke champagne sex i wanted to do this forever i wanted
to be one of those top boys and boy i was getting that
status! With ups there downs i got on to the coke really
bad i was sleeping with people clients who ever i could and
waking up in places i had no idea how i got there... i was
addicted to sex and drugs i didn't care about the money no
more i just wanted to be fucked hard and off my face. I went
to a party it paid well £500 for a night and coke was on
tap, when i got there i wasn't the only guy there was the
only rent boy there, i got introduced to a guy a year
younger then me! The instant i met him i knew i wanted him,
i wanted him more than once i wanted to feel his cock in me
i wanted to fuck this guy so much we pass out into a sexual
heap! My Christmas came at once i got to have him that night
his lips soft as cotton and he smelt hhhhhmmm is the way to
put it! placing his throbbing cock in my hand i knew
straight away what to do i looked into his eyes straight
through to his soul i lost myself for 30seconds.
He wasn't like other boys he wanted to pleasure me whilst
the client watched how could one moan about that. Body on
Body he open my legs teasing inch by inch with his moist
tongue hitting all my spots making me moan louder and
louder, i couldn't help but pull him up so i could feel his
cotton soft lips on mine! He turned me over and spread my
bum cheeky whispering " i love a good tight arse,and your
gonna be my toy to night" the words i longed to hear, his
tongue slowly enter my bum cheeky digging his tongue in deep
and deep making me moist and wet the deeper he got the move
i couldn't control myself i let off a huge moan! He knew at
that point what to do slowly climbing on my back he pushed
his throbbing cock in me, inch by inch his teenage cock got
deeper and deeper! biting my bottom lip i wanted him harder
and harder. God he did such that as we fucked for hours the
clients sat on the chair next to the bed touching him self
pretending to be a director of a movie calling all the shots
being told what to do made me hornier i just wanted to shoot
my load in his mouth so it was my turn to swallow his hot
white manly protein down my throat he did such that i locked
my lips around his cock and swallow every drop i was like a
vampire sucking on blood i wouldn't give up till i had every

The client decided he wanted more so he joined in, me and
the guy pleasing the client! whilst sucking on his cock i
kept thinking to myself does your wife know you like fucking
hot teen arse, do the people at the office know your dirty
secret! Thoughts like these always go through my head!
Morning came and we all went our separate ways. I was like
some one has popped that bubble i had in my head i wanted to
see this cock again i wanted to feel that energy in me
again! Jobs with clients went by and still nothing of this
stranger that made me feel whole.