My Weight Loss Diary
2010-02-18 19:28:47 (UTC)

Day One--Feb. 18, 2010

Okay, this morning, I had three cigarettes between 6:15 and
8:00am. Stopped and grabbed a liter of Diet Coke. After
taking the kids to school, took a short nap with baby from
9:15-11:15--did not sleep well. Ate appx. 2 cups of beef and
mushrooms. At 12:00, I took the following vitamins--B100
complex-1 pill, Zinc 50mg, Calcium 600mg, One Daily Active
Women's - pill, Vitamin C 1000mg. I drank two 12oz glasses
of water. I then loaded baby into stroller and took off
walking. I have a church across the road and we did two
laps around the church. There is a slight hill. After just
those two laps, my calves burned very badly. I was not out
of breath YET, but was very close to it. Now at 1:23, I
feel tired, slight headache. I am sipping on another glass
of water.

So, the breakdown. 1 liter diet coke, 8 cigarettes, all my
vitamins, 2 cups of chinese/beef and mushrooms and 3 glasses
of water. appr. 10 minutes of light walking. (pushing a
stroller) as of 2:00pm

2:30pm--have a slight headache, just enough to tick me off
lol.....probably from lack of caffeine, took two tylenol.
Eating some tuna fish salad and drinking Crystal
Lite--Raspberry Ice. One more cigarette.

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