My Weight Loss Diary
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2010-02-18 19:12:59 (UTC)

A little about me

I am 33 years old. I am 5'7" and 172lbs....according to the
Doctors scales. According to mine, which I am going to use
for amount of weight loss purposes, I weigh 167lbs. I am
very inactive. I have always been extremely tired. I
believe it to be hereditary. I just cannot get enough
sleep. I am a smoker. I do not eat right. I eat small
meals frequently and sometimes not at all. I do not overeat
necessarily, but I don't eat healthy. I eat a lot of carbs,
not much in to sweets, but I like buttered white bread,
buttered mashed potatoes, thick gravy, chinese and mexican.
I absolutely hate the taste of water. Thought I was doing
some good when I switched from regular Coke to Diet Coke. I
did okay on the "carb" part of it, but it's still sugary and
"syrupy". Two years ago, I found a doctor that prescribed
me Adipex-P, generic Fastin. I lost 30lbs in two months. I
had energy like crazy and felt unbelievably good. I haven't
found another doctor around here that will prescribe them
for me and I am not looking too hard because I honestly want
to do this right this time. It would mean more to me if I
did it "the hard way". I am starting off extremely slow and
I hope I don't get upset when I don't see results. I know
they will come, I am just a very impatient person. I promise
to tell the truth about everything I do, eat and drink in a
day. :-)

My current measurements--extremely detailed lol

Neck 14 1/2"
Chest 40"
Upper Stomach 35"
Middle Stomach 41"
Hips 43 1/2"
Left Thigh 23"
Right Thigh 23 1/2"
Left Above Knee 19"
Right Above Knee 18"
Left Bicep 11 1/2"
Right Bicep 12"
Left Forearm 10"
Right Forearm 10 1/2"

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