rip dad
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2010-02-18 18:59:10 (UTC)

all me 3

ok so i find the diary on line then i forget to write in it
but thats ok i guess at least i use it right but i still
am looking for a job and its not easy im telling ya that
shit i thought i would have one a couple of days after i
got fired from the bar i cant belive it and my rent is
coming up and so is the rest of the bills and i dont have a
car so i have to rely on others to take me and i have to
work certian hours ya know go with the program so u can at
least get things done i cant wait to get another job cause
im going crazy and thats not a pretty sight lord i knew i
was crazy but dam it i wish i could get jobs like i used to
just walk into a place and get hired no app or nothing but
alot of things has changed for the best i dont know about
that but i only can do what i can do i will have another
job so if ur hiring let me know im going to put it out on
face book to dont know if it will help but at least it
will bring attention to people right ok i have to bring
this to a slow with a rip dad

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