Teenage Love
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2010-02-18 07:28:45 (UTC)

The last week or so...

So, i have been with my boyfriend for 6 months now and
it is really good. His ex-wife calle dhim the other day
and asked him to give up his rights to his daughter and
ever since then he has been really moody n it feels like
all i do is make it worse.
I just dont know cuz i dont know what to say to him at
all. i mean he is alot older than me n we r trying to hav
a baby n we r engaged. n fuckk. now we mite be getting
his 3 year old daughter to take care of cuz her mom has an
abusive bf and she treats her daughter like shit.
It is just so complicating. the only time i can
escape is at school. n i am startin to hate going there..

i just need a way to understand.