2010-02-18 04:21:22 (UTC)


17 February 2010
Today towards the end of school sucked. Mainly because
i made myself think something i didn't believe, it was
something that i thought was in result of my
imperfections. I have always been told that I was "pretty"
but i hear that from adults. They don't see what teens see
they don't see the supposed "barbie dolls" that you would
see at my school that wear more hair products and
cosmetics then they weigh. For a second today I thought
what those girls are lead to believe I made a list in my
head 6th period about what was wrong with me like my
blemishes, my nose, my little freckeles on my nose, and my
little fat that sticks out of the sides of my jeans like
an muffin top. It was stupid of me to think this because I
am not fat i don't even have fat that sticks off the sides
of my jeans it was just an illusion in my head i am really
healthy and people tell me im skinny. I don't know what to
think, if its just a teen thing or if im crazy or physco
to have things go by my head like this and finally come to
a realistic way of thinking. There is a song i recently
heard that has kept me sticking to my beliefs and that is
imperfect is the new perfect by Caitlin Crosby. This song
could really do some good to the superficial thinking of
most californian teens, wait no teens all across america
who need a quick call back to reality. I think most teens
should get their heads out of their asses and really
think. To them thinking would mean what their planning on
wearing to school the next day or what are they going to
say when so and so confronts them about something
something or so in so asks them out and stupid unhelpful
to society crap that shouldn't matter. Sometimes i feel
like closing my eyes and wanting to fall into a world that
thinks in a more realistic way like people who actually
care about the earthquake in Haiti,nuclear weapons, and
more stuff that im sure will go wrong in the future.

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