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2010-02-18 03:35:24 (UTC)


It's kind hard to tell when someone hates each other or
who's all budy- budy in our group. Audrianna is my best
friend, but if doesn't start talking to me im going to start
to get pissed off. Lexus and Mia seem to have list of days
they're going to be nice to each out, and days they want to
rip each others heads off.
It's quite funny and quit anoying. like,
one day, lexus says she wants mia out of the group. i said
no, audri said no. a few days go by and she ignored us. I'm
starting to get anoyed with it. i didn't know it was one of
those MIA LEXUS FRIENDS DAY because we asked lexus what she
was thinking about kicking mia out of the group. She said
"Yes" thinking "they're not going to do it", and yes, yes we
did do it. WE spent the rest of the day yelling at each
other. good thing that when you really like a person you can
forgive. so the next day we were all friends again.

gym class normaly bores us and gets us going like that.
one time i punched Audri's face.
We just like ruff-housing with each other.
today in music class mia and i tackeled lexus, not very
smart, i know still fun.

You know, I'm starting to wounder what my friends r looking
at when i talk because of what they say;
"Your boobs look big in that shirt"
"Eleanor's , boobs are huge, lol"
yeah, it's starting to to make me feel weird.
well goodbye.

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