2010-02-18 03:18:54 (UTC)

talk, and talk and talk

Me and my friends pplay world of war craft on the week ends.
i think i like that game because i like talking to ppl.
I think i talk too much.
ppl tell me that i don't but i have to like you, know you,
and trust you to talk alot to you.
When ever im in class and i raise my hand mrs.smih gets all
happy and just as i change my mind and put my hand down she
picks on me.
A lot of ppl would say im a really quite person, when im not
really. you just don't know me enought. like my cousin
mathew, i really don't know him that well to talk a lot to.
Kayla knows i talk alot, mia, audrianna, and lexus too.
most of the things i say are random or jut don't make sence.
okay, i think im going to stop writing about how much i talk.

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