2010-02-18 03:09:56 (UTC)


I have to go to these after school classes 2 days a week.
I'm starting to think i should start turning in my homework
because I'm in a class full of idiots, scratch that, carlos
is pretty smart but he has his mind on something else,
anyways, 3/7 ppl are girls and all the boys go on my bus,
Marissa and Saira live before me so that leaves;
Carlos, Chris, Nathaniel, Devon, and Me.
Last time I went i found my self having a long ass
conversion with my 29 year old teacher.

The other class i go to is just Nathaniel, me, and 4 little
kids. i can't help it that i don't read, all the books are
just soooooooo freaking boring!
i think my last reading grade was a *50 aka FAILING!
My reading lvl is Fourth grade reading, im not at that lvl
thats just all that they give me credit for.

I lost my glasses yesterday. I didn't tell mom because i
know she'll overreact like she always does. I hope i just
didn't see them in my backpack or someone finds them fast!

My friend is not talking to me at lunch! she's always
talking to that boy she likes. I have his number, i just
never fill like calling it. idk how to ask him to lay off of
a day, I'm starting to get sick of it. I just hate being
ignored by my friends and being replaced with boys, like
when i was in 3rd and my friend had this off and on
relationship with these two boys i really didn't have that
much friends at the time. she didn't either, thats maybe why
we were best friends. she had to leave though because she
had a trouble life :(

Too much homewoork x(!
we got:
1.history homework

scince and math r like the most easy subjects in the 5th
grade, so i don't have a proublem with that. History i have
the most trouble with, i all most never turn in the homework
on time and it's starting to bug mrs.galinger. My reading
grade is just horable! all i need to do is log, reading is
just not fun for me but im reading this book right now and i
think it's know, im glad we don't have
spelling homewook, if we did my grade would be a 40 just
like my reading grade.

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