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2010-02-18 02:23:33 (UTC)

figuring it out

well today is my first diary and im just gunna say stuff i
well today wen i got out of school i went to church,since
today is ash wensday....afterwards my mom had my aunt and
uncle take me home,they r supppperrr nice to me, lately my
mom has been kinda rude but hey arentwe all at some times...
but nothing "bad" has happened between me and my mom
(that was directed to super pink man)
well my dad came over the other night and we all ate some
fried rice that my daddy made and it was super yummy!!!!!
well my mom just made me some salad so i guess ima go
eat.... thx for listening to wat i had to say....
i guess once i get used to this i will open up more and tlk

love emily