raison d'etre
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2010-02-18 01:53:12 (UTC)

Week 2

Monday 15/2 - Fahraeus medium preparation - calculate amount
of substance needed. Seminar at PRC auditorium, 4pm -
draught/hot weather and effect on wine

Tuesday 16/2 - start preparing stock solution for F. medium.
problem dissolving ferric citrate, delay till Tuesday

Wednesday 17/2 - prepare YEP liquid media for strains. And
practice streak plate. 2 PhD students seminar at 1-2pm -
stuff about microarray to screen genes.

Thursday 18/2 - continue with F. medium, successfully
dissolve ferric citrate by using 500mL instead of 1L.
Autoclave afterward. Afternoon - prepare glycerol stock for
all strains.

Friday - seminar at 1pm - Airong practice talk.