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2010-02-17 20:46:16 (UTC)

Another dull day

Feb 17 2010 3:15 PM

Today was pretty dull. It was picture day so each grade
had to take a huge picture on the bleachers. I forgot my
sweatshirt after lunch and had to go get it after school
and had to dig in the huge box of lost and found which
smelled like shit.

Im mad at myself for buying a box of girl scout cookies
which Im not supposed to eat at all. Plus I had yogurt
which im planning on throwing up later. Mom found out i
took some of her pills thankfully she didnt make a huge
deal of it. She's now makeing me have 2 hours on the
computer which is rediculous -__- but she'll eventually
forget about it just like every other punishment she gives
me. Today after school she was asking all sorts of
questions which pissed me off since I dont like her asking
about my personal life thats private. I know i sound like
a brat but she was asking personal questions which I didnt
answer. I bet it was beacuse she's reading some dumb ass
book call "How to save your family in 30 days" I really
dont know why shes reading that ,no book can change my
behavior. These past months have been some what boring
(without tyler) the big thing im awaiting would be the
prom and the end of the year beach trip which I cannot
wait. Also this week ill be spending my entire weekend at
my sister's college campus. Nothing really happend, just
any other boring Wendsday. I have a science test tomorow
which I gotta study for. Im really sick and fustrated with
wakeing up so early every day for another 4-3 months just
plain anoying. Hannah is planning on wirting a book which
i think is stupid since it has the wrost plot and story
she really needs to stick to non-fiction but in all shes a
good wiriter. Same with Lauren even though I know shes a
brillaint writier her story's are just too child-like and
not grown up if she want to publish her books she needs to
make the plot more realistic. When I'll start writing my
book it will be more realistic and less kid-like. Pretty
tired today hope something will happen tomorow... ill go
play Dino run, call a friend and take a nap, go to
volleyball come back study , take a shower, get ready for
bed and go to sleep to another dull day.

End : 3:44 PM