the girl in the orange sweater

It's a tale to tell
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2010-02-17 17:21:30 (UTC)

Lets see

For me, today has just begun. I'm soaring high today,
waking with a light heart, feeling like nothing can bring
me down. Why is it, that its harder to sit here and write
things out when nothing is wrong, it seems its harder to
write the good rather than the bad. When there is no bad,
there seems like theres nothing to write about.
But that doesnt seem right.
I would loike to add that its alomost unbareably hard to
type after you've gotten a manicure, well at least for
today it is, untill i'm once again used to having them
done and master where my finger and where my nail will
land, supposing they'll still be trying to hit 2 keys at
once. Or maybe the problem is the mini acer with its mini
keyboard? Tiny laptop for a tiny girl, i shouldnt have
this problem. haha.
Really all im doing is rambling on about nothing.
Today is going to be a good day. It already is.
The only bad part is that ill be sitting on facebook until
its finally time to go to work, were gettin gin a new
patient today. A male, i hope he's not a perverted old man
like jesse...