My ordinary life
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2010-02-17 13:56:20 (UTC)

What I want for my birthday

I am still single, so who knows whether I will be able to
get some of the things that I want for my b'day or not. it goes:

1. A big bouquet of flowers. I love daffodil, sakura, dark
purple flowers like lily.
2. A charm bracelet (when I was a teenager, I love this
particular bracelet from Evita Peroni and hope someday, a
very special person will give that bracelet as a present)
3. A nice dinner at an Italian or Thai restaurant.
4. A white fluffy kitten with blue eyes and pink nose
5. A diamond ring from Tiffany & Co.
6. Walk along the beach or through the woods
7. homemade dinner and cozying up

Well, thats are my wishes :P ..let see which one will come
true (^ _^)

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