A Day in the Life
2010-02-17 05:05:29 (UTC)

Make Up

I patched things up with Dokia. I don't really like to be
an angry person and I don't like to hold a grudge and even
though she made a mistake, there was no negative intent.
She didn't mean to hurt me and she was very clearly racked
with guilt.

The weird thing is, since this weekend, my problem has been
severely diminished. I don't know if I am thinking about it
less or that I am just dealing with it better, but my
bladder hasn't been bothering me quite as much. Yes, it is
still there and yes, I still have problems, but it just
hasn't been as bad these past few days. Oddly enough, I've
been out of my medication for said problem since Saturday
night. Don't know if there is a correlation, but I refilled
my prescription, even though I haven't taken it yet.

Still have a lot of work to do, but I was just assigned to
serve as Jessica's TA. If I do this job well, it might get
me back in Dr. Klenow's favor which could help my overall