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2010-02-17 01:13:44 (UTC)


WHy cant i be talented..?
Why cant ihave a special skill,something that gives me an
extra twist,,like why cant i play guitar,or why do i suck
at singing,,or why cant someone be happy for absolutly
nothing,,why do i have to be the one that falls,,why do i
make mistakes?? Why cant i get rite back up knowing that
everything is ok, why can i help fix other peoples
problems but not my own??
If i was talented and there was
good in me, someone great might se me as there hero or
someone they look up too.. but lifes not just about you or
what you can offer the world, why cant i be that special
someone helping to change the world?? does life have to
fall on me becuase i cant do anything to stop it??

Marisa (Shorty=]

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