~My Journey~
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2010-02-16 22:55:58 (UTC)

The beginning.......................

Many think I am crazy for taking on this journey. I've not
found anyone to hold hands with on the way. But, that's
okay. I will go it alone.

I'm starting a 14 day juice fast on 2/17/2010.

I am doing this because I feel weak in mind body and spirit.
I feel that my life is spinning out of control and I am
tired. I am physically, emotionally and spiritually tired.

I am hoping to renew my outlook on life.
I have high cholesterol and have pancreatitis twice in my life.

I have read nothing but good things about juice fasting. I
am hoping to go for longer than 14 days but I am setting my
goal low.

I have started this diary to document my journey and
hopefully encourage others to find the discipline and
courage to change their life.


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