Shhh it's a Secret
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2010-02-16 20:28:13 (UTC)

My Life With Love

My Life With
Everday I wake up to hoping to find true love to tell you
the truth
that's something I've never found.I'm a girl that wants to
be an older
more mature person I try to be that way but people find me
not mature
at all just the opposite , what they are. I want people
to see the
real me. That's why I can't find it, that's rite. Love. I
want it so
bad wen I'm only 10 ya I know what your thinking I'm only
ten but u
know what that can change I do think you can find true
love no matter
what age u are. Your not to young or to old it does not
matter how old
you are. I've never found true love maybe little crushes
and the cute
guys but never once came out of my mouth was I love you.
The guys in
my world still believe in cuddies and when girls kiss they
say ew, can
you believe that who can sit there and think love is
gross. You need
love in your life well atleast I know I do. I don't
actually know if
there is a love at first sight but I believe in it because
if you
believe in your self and you know and believe he's the
rite one then
sure if you really think he's the one. I know there is not
a perfect
and you have to believe that there is going to be some bad
and good
things about love. But your probablly thinking what do I
know well
listen I made a big mistake in my life by believing that
there was a
perfect but I judged the guy by his looks and he turned
out to be an
ass. You know what that sucks because of me standing here
right now
I'm thinking to my self I've got to judge a man by his
heart and how
he is. What you have to think to yourself is. is he the
one? One thing
I've Learned is don't judge a man by his looks.

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