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2010-02-16 18:56:06 (UTC)

diana martinez

My favorite month would be all the moths in the summer.
I think I like those months because it is nice outside. I
probably go to the park everyday with my nephew. but after
a while he doesnt wana go back so I have to take him by
the force.

I think that the summer is the best because there is no
school and I can go out whenever I want. But somethimes
the hotnes can get really annoying because its just too
hot. I've heard that people have died in the summer
because of all the humid air.

In those months there is alot of parties going on to go
to. It is really fun in the summer at all times, doesn't
matter if its night or morning there is allways somehting
to do. You can go to the beach, parties, and many more fun

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