Kelly Gordon Rogers
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Kelly Gordon Rogers - Law Terms and Legal Definitions

Kelly Gordon Rogers Texas Recommended Articles:

Precedent - Previously decided case which is recognized as
an authority for determining future cases.

Impairment - when a plan of reorganization alters the
contractual rights of a class of holders of claims, that
class is deemed to be impaired. A class that is unimpaired
is deemed to automatically accept a plan of reorganization.

Opinion - statement of decision by a judge or court
regarding a case tried before it. Published opinions are
printed because they contain new legal interpretations.
Unpublished opinions, based on legal precedent, are not
printed.(Kelly Gordon Rogers Dallas Texas - Kelly Gordon
Rogers Tx)

Lawyer - A person licensed to practice law; other words for
"lawyer" include: attorney, counsel, solicitor and barrister

Party in interest - a party who has standing to be heard by
the court in a matter to be decided in the bankruptcy case.
The debtor, the U.S. trustee or bankruptcy administrator,
the case trustee and creditors are parties in interest for
most matters. Kelly Gordon Rogers

Jurisdiction-- Authority of a court to exercise judicial power.

Kelly Gordon Rogers Dallas Tx : Fact-findinq hearing - A
proceeding where facts relevant to deciding a controversy
are determined.

Exemptions - this refers to assets or properties owned by
the debtor that cannot be recovered by creditors.

Kelly Gordon Rogers: Costs - An allowance for expenses in
prosecuting or defending a suit. Ordinarily does not include
attorney's fees.

Judgment - Final determination by a court of the rights and
claims of the parties in an action.

Magistrate - Court official with limited authority. Kelly
Gordon Rogers Collin County

Witness - Person who testifies under oath before a court,
regarding what he/she has seen, heard or otherwise observed.