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2010-02-16 04:08:47 (UTC)


Today... I went to the Bridgwater Commons Mall with Gracie
Wyman, Grace Gardner and Samantha G. Iy was so much fun!!!!!!!
I got a shirt from Abrocrombe and 5 small sanitizers from Bath
and Body Works. I didn't get anythinng for Saphora or Justice
because... I didn't really want anything from there. In
Abrocrombe Gracie wanted me to try on something just for the
sake of it. I tried it on and I loved it!!!! LOL. Grammy took
me to Panera got the ushy. Also the Christmas Tree shop. Got
acool pen and 2 pads of paper that say my name and flower
seeds amd a little light up Saint Patrick's Day thinggy.
That's all for today. Bye

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