Diary of madison cronk
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2010-02-16 03:31:39 (UTC)

What the crap?!?!?!

Ok, so im a 11 year old girl and i just
got a letter from school telling our
parents that we will be starting sex ed.
i am a little scared.
so theres thin one kid thats in my
class that i kinda want to have sex
with.. he is hot,his name is noah,he
plays hockey. but ,as u know i always
end up liking guys that have
girlfriends, he has a gf.
theres also a boy in my dance
class. ik its kinda odd that i dance
with a boy but i cant help it. and no
hes not gay. his name is cody he has
red hair one of his ears r peirced and
hes like realyfunny and down to earth.
anyways now all i can think about is
wat guys look like when their not
wearing any clothes. i mean i can only
imagine noah or cody puting their
penises in my pussy. it would feel so
damn good.

BTW-this is a true story
about me.