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Mystical World Of A Wild Blonde
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2001-10-10 00:55:24 (UTC)

retake on the last entry


Mikel is an asshole... all I got to say about that...
fucking jerk ....GRRRRR

Ok the reason why:

THE IDIOT HIT ON MY BEST FRIEND! He tried to kiss her and
grab her tits!!! She told me. I was out getting a drink
when he did it. I saw him go for her tits though. I was so
fucking pissed. I told him to go to hell and we walked to
Charlene's place.

Nick is coming over in a bit. Yeah I know, but I care about
the fool =) *giggles*

Going to Cowboys tonight...maybe, right now mom is being
GAY and not letting me have any right now I'm
not going... ugh =(

Going over to Chad's place. Staying there tonight. Yeah I'm
suppost to give him a call after Cowboys... or whenever if
I don't go LOL so its all good =) Most likely I will end up
fooling around with him... if not more... Chad is damn
HOT... has a bit of an additude though...

Still sick and its driving me fucking nuts!!!

See ya


p.s. will write more on Monday or something. Cuase if I
stay with Chad... I won't be home till later

Oh and Jennifer is coming over so we can work on our case

My birthday is now only 7 days away!!!! Next Sunday!

Bring It On

im sexy, im cute
im popular to boot
im bitchin, great hair
the boys all love to stare
im wanted, im hot
im everything ur not
im pretty, im cool
i dominate the school
who am i? just guess
guys wanna touch my chest
im rockin, i smile
and many think im bile
im flyin, i jump
you can look but dont you hump
im danger, I roar
i swear im not a whore
we cheer, and we lead
we act like we're on speed
hate us cuz we're beautiful
well we dont like you etheir
we're cheerleaders, we're cheerleaders!!!!

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