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mike gunaca

Our inventory control solution encompasses both newly
purchased goods as well as retiring assets. We utilize a
comprehensive barcode inventory technology to inventory
every item that will be required to be warehoused,
transported, installed, removed, liquidated, etc. We have
the ability to scan and manage new items with existing
barcode labeling coming from manufacturers. This allows us
to keep track of these items as they arrive to the warehouse
and are prepared for delivery and installation at the
property site.

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We establish the secure warehouse facility close to the
hotel so we can provide a quick response during the project,
since installation and removal activities depend on the
turnover of floors and rooms by the construction teams. By
doing this, we are able to provide the quickest response
possible to any changes in the established schedule that are
caused by unforeseen changes in the construction or build
out progress.

Mike Gunaca Inc Resorts typically are located in vacation
destinations or near natural settings, such as mountains,
seashores, theme parks, or other attractions. As a result,
the business of many resorts fluctuates with the season.
Some resort hotels and motels provide additional convention
and conference facilities to encourage customers to combine
business with pleasure. During the off season, many of these
establishments solicit conventions, sales meetings, and
incentive tours to fill their otherwise empty rooms; some
resorts even close for the off-season.

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New Professional Installation

Hotel Furnishing Source sets the benchmark for the
hospitality industry in terms of professional installation
of new furnishings, fixtures, operating supplies and
equipment. We have professional project supervisors, skilled
installation labor, the necessary tools and equipment
required to professionally install all of the FF&E and OS&E
contents per your designer specifications and furnishings
plan layouts.

Mike Gunaca News It is critical that all new items to be
installed in the completed property have arrived in good
condition and are complete. By keeping track of everything
in a single inventory system, we can identify discrepancies
immediately and take the necessary steps to correct the
problem before it affects the installation schedule. Our
inventory control system provides the necessary information
to be sure that everything will be ready to install on time.

Mike Gunaca This ability gives confidence to our project
management team and provides them with a powerful tool to
communicate status at all times to the mangers of the
project and the owners of the property.

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