Vent Machine
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2010-02-15 10:45:16 (UTC)

Valentine Day

Thanks world for creating a day that no boyfriend (well that i
have ever dated) can live up to. The day started off perfect
laughing and holding each other in bed, getting up and getting
food and my mom some flowers. then we wanted to do something
different so we grabbed a couple of my parents guns and went
target shooting and for a drive up in the mountains.
everything was great until my boyfriend who has a severe case
of the "mommas boy" starts to whine that we wont be back home
in time so he can go visit his mom. So instead of finishing
off the night with well a R rated scene it was ended with
silence the 3 hour car ride back and me sleeping on the couch.
Which doesn't make any sense since isn't the man thats suppose
to take the couch! now i'm debating on whether or not to
continue staying mad or give in like i always do because i
love his complicated butt! Valentines day evening time is
suppose to be private and passionate. I think my boyfriend
lost his girlfriend Manual!

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