Isolate Land of Pukalicious
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2010-02-15 09:50:16 (UTC)

Wish you were here

I got back my hometown yesterday with my dad, sister and her
daughter to attend my childhood guy friend's ordained, it's nice to
see them again but being people I used to be their neighbour,
they never seem to be changed at all. I saw them and I only can
remember some of them. I am glad with Na Nid and Na Nom
whom are his parents, they looked much happy even I haven't
spoken with him that much as he has loads of friends there.

In a shock moment I've faced with, I cannot believe what I heard
from P'Mong, and I cannot believe for whatever in his life. Poo's
numb as well but finally we decided not to think about it too much
as it's none of our business and we cannot help anything. Dad is
the one who seems really not that good, and I got the answer to
my own question about why does dad look not happy recently and
aye.. I got the answer yesterday. How terrible life treats him for
his son? It's not that good news that's all I can really say.

What else I want really say? I don't really know much, but I wish I
have someone to talk to or make me stay sane like I once used
to. But you know things aren't the same, they're all changed. I
wish he could see sense I have tried to tell him.

But most of all, I wish mum to be here with me at the moment.. I
do really wish you were here mum..


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