Red Penguinz

A Day in the Life
2010-02-15 05:32:14 (UTC)

Loss of a friend

So this girl that I have gotten very used to talking to
for the past year basically hates me now. We'll call her
Steph. I kinda liked her and even told her about it. She
said she liked me too, but because her friend liked me
too, she didn't wanna hurt her friend's feelings by dating
me. So Steph called me a hypocrite and a liar, accusing me
of things i never did. The thing is, she is in high school
and I just started college, so she has a lot of that high
school drama going on. I don't know why I keep talking to
high school girls... I think it's because I'm flippin
immature. Anyway, we used to tell eachother we loved
eachother and everything. She called me a lot of mean
names and insulted me repeatedly in the recent fight. I
didn't insult her once, didn't call her one name. So now
she and I have practically died; what a shame. She's in
high school though, I don't need her! I am kind of sad
about it, she was cool. Today, she goes and texts me like
it's all good. I went on with it, I don't know why. Next
time she texts me though, I'm gonna ignore it. She called
me nasty names and insulted me unnecessarily, so I don't
need this crap. I'm a nice guy, I didn't deserve this. We
said we would travel around together when we get the
money... Such a childish thing to say, looking back on it.
We were supposed to go to Italy and all over Europe, but
forget it. It's over. Done. She will miss me though, that
is for damn certain. She confided in me for everything. I
know all about her and how she thinks, and what her
relationship is with her family and friends. However, I'm
a little different in the fact that I didn't confide so
much in her. She told me I was her best friend, her
favorite person in the world. She loved me. I'm going to
leave with all her information, and I know it will make
her mad. She will be very upset at the fact that I stop
talking to her, and that will just make my day. I want

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