Lies, Ties, and Butterflies
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2010-02-15 02:22:13 (UTC)

One, Eins, Uno, Ichi, .... The First.

Hi, I'm Lauren, and I cannot descrive myself in one
But that's not the point.
The point is that I want to share what I feel with others.
Because if I don't share it with you, it will stay bottled
And that's the LAST thing I need right now.
Just an introduction, blah blah blah.
But what's important is that although I'm young, unlike
alot of other young girls, I have a brain and actually do
use it. To think. I'm a thinker. A writer. A dreamer.
Lucky for you, if you're reading this, you'll learn maybe a
fraction of my feelings... And you possibly might like it
(or at least I hope so.)
Or maybe these words will make you hate me.
But lets hope for the first, eh?

The Point is that... well... I'm a dreamer.