Its Not Easy Being Frankie xo
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2010-02-14 18:12:45 (UTC)

I'm Frankie xoxo

Let me just sum me up in eight points (I'm matter of fact
like that)

1. I'm 16, birthday January 13th (I'm a Sagittarius)
2. I'm blonde, not ditzy, and hot.
3. I'm popular, THE most popular
4. I'm dating Eamon, for 2 years, he's cute
5. I'm great in bed, ask anyone
6. I'm smart and funny
7. My dad owns 2 car dealerships
8. I'm from New York, the best city in the world.

Enought chit-chat, more about my life.

I live in New York, on the river with my dad (its
complicated, but he has the cash). I go to Brearly all
girls school (thank god Birch is across the street so I can
see Eamon). I get driven to school by my dad's driver, I
work all day and i play all night.


I woke up next to Eamonat 11 on his sofa, i was naked (and
hot) so I popped into his shower. I came out just as Eamon
was pouring two vodka and OJs to wake us up. All my prep
work was done so I decided to spend the day with him. We
Went to the spa in his house and we spent HOURS there, not
that they were wasted though.

Eamons mum owns like 12 gyms in the state so he has all the
equipment. We spent ages in the hot tub together, ofcourse
i didn't have my costume with me but mysteriously his
trunks dissapeared. We entertained ourselves for a while
until we went to the sauna and the story repeated itself.

I know, I know I'm only 16 and Eamons 17, but we have been
doing this since I was 15 so I'm not a stranger to it and
he's not a stranger to me. I have a doctor who I get check
ups from and a prescription for the pill, so whats to worry

I got changed, with Eamon's 19 year old brothers friends
peeping (but who cares, if you've got it...) and we headed
out to Barneys. Agent Provocateur has some hot shit and
Eamon spent like 300 dollars on me, but its really a joint

We madeout for like an hour and mine until he really had to
go home. Eamons really angling for a blow job, but he needs
to be patient, we've done everything but and I plan to
please, but I am always in control.

David (Eamon's cute but awkward friend) keeps chatting to
me on Fbook and frankly I'm flattered but I go offine,
Eamons friends are like Eamon in the way that they all
have 'one track minds'....

Anyway, I will keep you updated everyday from now on and
maybe in the night when i'm lonely or horny.

Keep reading, I know I'm fascinating.


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