my life day by day
2010-02-14 03:30:02 (UTC)

just another day in hell

well lets see.... today pretty much fucking sucked. it
started off pretty ok. matt called me and we talked for a
bit this morning (oh btw...matt is a guy i met at work and
am now currently dating---yay me) but then i freaking went
up to tell me grandma, who still seems to think im a baby,
that my paycheck wasnt as much as i thought i would be {a
whole 38 bucks} and ask her if i could borrow some money to
get me some clothes and i would pay her back when i got
payed at the end of the month. she told me no that my
asshole of a brother needed clothes which was bull because
he has a closet full of clothes and a dresser too, when i
got rid of all my clothes this last week cause they were old
and torn and needed to go. so i said w/e and went on with my
day. about 9:30ish i had to take my uncle to the other side
of town so he could do a few things and when i got back
home, well thats when my day really started going sour.
my grandma was all pissy for who has any idea why, and was
taking it out on me as usual. she was bitching cause i had a
few things in the laundry room and took it upon herself to
throw it away...i know B.S. right? so i took my things out
of the bag and put it in my room. then she waqs bitching at
me to do something, and i told her no cause there wasnt no
reason why my brother couldnt do it, all he ever does is sit
on his fucking video games all day and leaves messes for me
to clean up, and im pretty freaking tired of cleaning up
after him when he is fully capable of it himself. so i went
down to my room and sat down there. about half hour or so
after i went into my room my bitch of a "mom" told me her
and my grandma was leaving. after i was done cleaning up my
room i came upstairs and realized my brother went with my
mom and grandma, and pretty much gather they went to get him
clothes he really didnt need. so the afternoon went on. when
they finally got back home they had my little cousins with
them who are like 7 and 4 and dont listen AT ALL and its
not the normal not listne they really dont listen, their
parents have no control over them at all! and my brother had
one lowsy bag of like 3 pairs of pants and 2 shirts and one
sweatshirt, and one pair of shoes. i was like really, they
spent all that money for this? when i saw the reciept, it
was nothing different than normal, 400$ on NOTHING!!!! i
thought it was pretty fucked up. but oh well i guess theres
nothing i can do bout it. thats bout the jist of my day
there was a little more that really pissed me off but ill
explain it next time... ttyl!