Sex stories
2010-02-12 02:54:31 (UTC)

request:Jessie's birthday suprise(a sex story)

Jessie was so upset that she didn't get a birthday gift she
cried the whole day.After the two hours
of crying she had a headache and at the same time her friend
Sam came to see her.

"hey why so glum?"
"no it's ok you can tell me"
"ok fine its just that nobody seems to care or know that
today is my--"
"yeah its my birthday"
"don't worry i got the perfect gift waiting for you at the
"i love animals and seen them and all so why are you
bringing me at the barn when i already seen
the farm animals?"
"you'll see its a surprise its perfect you wont regret
it."Sam said with a big grin on his face.

"stand up"
Jessie stood
he tied the blindfold around her head
"i have a funny feeling about this that it's gonna be fun"
"shush,don't say or do any thing till we get there"
she nodded.
he walked her all the way to the barn.
"alright jess,we're here"
"ok now take off your clothes"
"just do it"
she did what she was told.
he tied her down on a low bed with handcuffs and with
another pair of handcuffs he tied each foot in
the opposite direction spreading her legs a as wide as they
could go.
"ok that should hold you"
"a-ar-are you gonna f-fuck me?"
"i can't tell you,but i'm gonna torture you and make you go
through a lot of pain"
"why would you do such a thing?"
"but its the good pain,have you ever been fucked?"
he toyed with her pussy a bit and fingered her a bit with 4
deep thrusts she orgasmed and loud
pleasurable screams escaped her mind and she liked that.

"no i NEVER been FUCKED"

"Would you like to be fucked?"


he went out to the stable and got Jessie's favorite riding
horse and brought it in the barn where
Jessie was he took of Jessie's blindfold.

she was surprised of what she saw indeed it was her riding
she stared at the huge cock of her pony 12 inches
long...Jessie got more turned on.
the pony looked nervous and knew what he wanted so the pony
slowly walked up to her owner and gently
placed himself with his hard cock near...he slid it in and
fucked her hard her sopping wet pussy couldn't handle the
pain the pressure of the long cock inside her she just
bursted out with orgasms
after orgasm then while it was out he shoved the whole
entire cock all in one move she screamed so
loud we thought we could hear her 2 miles away.the mature
pony's eyes bulged out he took out his erect cock and shoved
it up her ass she yelled in extreme pain and she sobbed as
it was being done
so.he did a couple of thrusts and he came in her ass and all
over her face.

this is what i have written so far for my friend jessie from
New Zealand i have to do ther rest tomorrow send me some