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2010-02-12 02:13:12 (UTC)


11 February 2010
Today was an ordinary minimum day. I hate ordinary
days. Ordinary days are boring and they leave no memory in
your brain. Lets see Spanish was easy as always since i
grew up speaking reading and writing in spanish well i
have always been biligual i learned english the same way i
learned spanish. Its confusing i have no accent what so
ever i am very fluent in english and spanish i don't know
maybe its because of all the tv i used to watch.
Algerbra well since i am redoing it its now easier and
geogaphy is easy the only thing we do is color and study
vocabulary, science my teacher is a creepy old guy who
teaches absolutely nothing and just lectures about current
events the only thing we learn from that class is what we
learn from the book, english is a little hard but that
class is fun, then there is dance i am good i mean ive
been told. I made the advanced dance class so i guess im
good. I don't start that class until next year though i
think dance for me is a kind of escape from things. If i
never got tired i would dance all the time no matter what
kind of dance i like listening to a song closing my eyes
and then choreographing in my head i know it sounds weird
but it just happens. There my day though. Other then today
being a minimum day today was the school's celebration day
for valentines day. I don't like valentines day mainly
because it gives young couples my age the excuse to think
they are in love when they are not. I laugh at their
stupidity because they are so blinded by what the think is
love and then well... lets just say thats why my school
has a nursery.
People always tell me that i hate valentines day
because i never had a boyfriend that is a lie because i
have had a few boyfriends until i started thinking whats
the point. I came to my senses befor i did anything
stupid, and guys now and days think that if they ask you
out you are officially boyfriend and girlfriend. haha.
Seriously lol i have been "asked out" about 5 times since
i came to my senses and i turn them down for 3 reasons 1 i
am a tiny bit shallow 2 i have not had a decent
conversation with any of those guys and 3 what's the point
if they don't really know you. So i hope that valentines
day can go back to being an adult holiday or a holiday
where little kids can give friendship cards, sweet, and
giving stuffed animals to their teachers and parents. I
guess that other teeenager will never understand that like
or crush does not mean eternal love its stories like romeo
and juliet that make them think this and look where they
ended up i mean that play was a classic but you have to
look into the meaning that you have to be truly in love
and think more about the person within the looks to know
that it would be worth it. That means Maturity.

live, laugh, love