2010-02-12 01:20:31 (UTC)

Why I'm writing...

Ever since i was a little girl i can always remember
writing stories, or keeping a diary, something to do with
writing. I'd like to become a writer one day, but i'm just
afraid. Afraid i might not get published, or people shoot
me down, or afriad that people might just not like my
writing. I know your all probably thinking, Why are you
afraid? Go chase your dreams! Well, in truth, it's easier
said than done, let's leave it at that. So instead i think
i am going into publishing... I love reading, so it's like
a dream come true, i'd get to read books for a JOB! How
amazing would that be? Sure, i'll have to work to get
there, but i think it'll be worth it... Yeah...It'll be
worth it in the end...

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