Special Life
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2010-02-11 21:35:36 (UTC)

Days? (dun no how many days passed)

I am like sooooo sorry i didn't write for almost a month !!!
anyways , here's the entry :

5th Day:

Clovis El Britania (yes . my family) was murdered ... some
had said it was Zero who killed him and i know that Lelouch
would NEVER do such a thing ... would he ? But if i look
back when i was still with lelouch and nunally, lelouch and
clovis had always been fighting ... i'm not judging anyone
but i'm not sure ...

6th Day:

We had a transfer student and it was ... HIROSANE RYUU !!! I
just couldn't believe it and neither can Lelouch... "I'm
here so that i can look for my girlfriend who ran away a few
weeks ago" was what he said and to be honest , i'm ACTUALLY
the one he's looking for ! (yes . he's my boyfriend since
young so lelouch knows him) Here's how the day went ...

Lelouch: RYUU?! what are you doing here?!
Ryuu: Lelouch? I'm glad to see that you're alive
Lelouch: Dun change the subject !
Ryuu: Didn't i tell EVERYONE that? I came to look for my
girlfriend !
Lelouch : But i didn't see Noelle anywhere ! Except probably
someone that looks like her
Me: who are you refearring to ?
Lelouch : YOU !
Ryuu : she does look like Noelle !
Me : That's because I AM Noelle !!! Ryuu No BAKA !
Lelouch : w-w-w-what?!!
Me: you heard me... I'm Noelle !!!
Lelouch : what's your full name?
Me: *whispered in his ear* Noelle Vi Britannia and i know
it's you nii-san . how's nunally doing?
Lelouch : Y-y-you got to be kidding me !!!
Ryuu : now that i looks closer , she odes have the mark
Lelouch : Let me see your right shoulder !! *pulls down
sleeve and saw my birthmark*

I gotta go ... Sayonara Minna-san !!!

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