my life good & bad
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2010-02-11 20:50:11 (UTC)

being a grnadmother

ok so my issue for the day is my grandchildren...they are
my heart, after all i have 12 and one on the way. i wont
bother explaining how many are his and how many are mine
and so on. i just consider them all OUR'S. My new lot in
life seems to be striving to be the best Nana the world
has seen. how hard that is when you have divorces and
children with people even though they are married to other
people..I know this can be very agrivating. yet here i am
still trying to stay in touch with each and everyone one
of them...AND so the nighmare begins. My son is married to
a nice girl who has a daughter with him And they are with
other people now. But we do stay in contact with the mommy
and our Lil Tori. Now my son is with a stripper. YES i
said stripper...this girl is 21 years old and by the time
she was 19 she had been married 3 times..i kid you not.
NOW they had a baby together a year ago. Well within a
couple of days she decided that she doesnt want the baby.
and come to find out never did...Well i have to say WHAT
THE HELL were you thinking you stupid bitch. i mean really
what did you think was gonna happen when you have
unprotected sex you moron. So Chirs took care of the baby
til he had to go back to work. He is in the Army for life.
within a couple of days she abused the baby. which i would
like to beat the fuck out of her for. and chris seams to
make excuses for her erery damn day. WTF. i dont get it at
all. So i will have to remember that he is my step son who
i raised since he was 10 months old and he is now 27. SO
his biological mother stepped in and took lil Elyza and
wont let us see her..what a BITCH. she calls lil Elyza her
second chance.BITCH you had your chance and threw away
your son.THANK GOD cause I gained a son when i married my
husband. Since i couldnt have any more than just my 1
daughter. GOD gave me three more children when i married
my husband. I will write more on that another time. Dont
think that was all peaches and cream. anyway, so chris
called us and wanted us to step in and take the baby to
live with us since he knows how much we love him and his
daughter. so off we go to DCF to get the propper
documentaion we need to get her. and low and behold The
BITCH calls a judge and we come home empty handed. and in
her sick little twisted mind she wants to say we were not
there when she was raising her son so we have no rights to
the baby. WHAT THE FUCK i say again. Were you on anoter
planet when we were raising him you moron. Let me remind
myself of the time she took us to court to get child
support for the ten years we were raising him. well being
the educated person i am , i went to court armed with the
truth and all his school transcripts in hand to show the
judge WE raised him. So the judge wants to know how she
was able to even get this into the courts in the first
place. Now to the present day and us still not able to see
the babywho turned 1 yesterday and just breaks my heart
not to be able to bond with her like i have with all the
others. So today i contacted a friend of mine who works
for the DCF judge in our area. I had an interesting
conversation with her. She is going to talk to the Judge
and find out what we have to do to see our granddaughter.
i have agonized over this for so long that i just dont
know where to go from here............

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