My crazy life
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2010-02-11 14:02:59 (UTC)

True story

She was only 16 when she got married. She was young,messed
up and did not know what real life was. So i guess, she
thought she loved him. The thing was this man was 13 years
older than her, was a heavy drinker, and all his life this
times was about drinking, going out with women...
By the time she got 19 she was already mother of 2
beautiful girls and loved them like she never did before.
She suffered a lot this times, motherhood, being a wife of
an irresponsible man, managing how to survive in this world
of problems.
When she realized she had to leave him and start all over
again by returning to studies, at age of 26, she got
pregnant again and had another little girl... Then it was
too late, she got stuck more even than before. And things
haven't got any better in her marriage.
One day he came back so drunk. She thought it was like
usually, he will yell at her, beat her and then sleep over
it. But no he didn't. He beat her, left her with no
clothes on, and then threw her away out of his house. Drove
her away from the 3 girls she loved the most in the world,
he humiliated her while her children where watching
helpless, scared and confused... This woman 0f 36 years old
still suffer of this man behaviors.
What i don't understand is why? She is kind, she never
hurt someone in purpose in her life, she is good Muslim
despite all the suffering she came across with...
When will this stop? God when? She also deserves at least
a bit of happiness in her life.........

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