Isolate Land of Pukalicious
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2010-02-11 11:27:14 (UTC)

My Steve

Today is his birthday, his 38th birthday.. I cannot believe how
quick the time has gone, I even remember the first time I saw
him on t.v. and the first time I met him in real.. but whatever..
I really wish you have a greatest time with your family, and I
pray that I can meet you in real more and more. I'm dying to
meet you again Steve.. as you are a truly love of my life. So...

Happy Birthday!!!!

What else I'd like to throw about? Nothing much really rather
than I have been feeling sick for a week now, I've got a fever
but being me you know that I hate going to see the doctor..
but it I feel not that better, I have to.

There's a politic at work, I am not that happy but it's out of my
capable hand though, I cannot help him and I am sorry for
that. I am seriously thinking that I love this site A LOT, not just
it's the first place I've started writing my online diary, but the
only reason but important one is it's SIMPLY one. Well, this
weekend its going to be an awesome one as dad, Poo, Natty
and I are going to my hometown and I am really excited as
we're going to attend my neighbor guy friend whom is going to
be a monk. It's a good event to join you know.

Oh I got phone calls from my really close old friend; Phiched
whom got married with my another close friend; Mam.
Truthfully, I never expected them to be together this long.
They've been together as a couple for over 14 years! and their
daughter is 13-14 years old girl now. But he brought me the
bad news, but it's not that i never known about. Ched is a
good guy, even sometimes he became bad one lol. if you know
what I meant but 90% he's really good and I'm glad for Mam
to have him as a hubby. :-)

Oh have I told you about the greatest news for the year yet? I
think not, my older sister; Ple she's expecting her first child!!!
and it's two months now I think she will give a baby around
July or August. I wish that her baby will be alright. :-)

Work is boring now a day, as I've worked here for nearly
seven years in this coming April. It's not that challenge
anymore, I want to apply for a new job, but at the world
economic like this, is there a company will offer me more than
20k a month? I think NOT.. if I have enough money and there's
no much responsibilities for me, I will never think for a second
to work for a foundation for children even I'll get paid for a
little. Anyway, nothing to report about.. oh you want to know
about another steve? I can't remember this guy that much as
we are strangers to each other now. Whats a shame that life
treats me, but whatever.. i am moving on..

Until next time..



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