Your Soul for Love?
2010-02-11 07:24:41 (UTC)

How We Met

When I first met him I felt more comfortable with him than
I have with any other boy.Once I sensed his beautiful
personality and I saw the eye candy of his wonderful smile
and I fell in love.My favorite part was when we were
skateboarding.I also remember not being able to skateboard
and him seeming not to mind.He just grabbed my waist while
I was on the board.Skateboarding is probably not considered
a romantic date these days but to me it was one of the most
romantic times of my life.I was suprised I didn't fall once
considering I am VERY clumsy.He was holding my waist the
whole time I was on. He didn't seem to mind a bit that he
was spending his last days in D.C with a girl he just met
in person who couldn't even skateboard.I felt guilty but I
didnt want to say anything because I was enjoying being in
his arms.Safe.Warm.Ahhh, I my body gets warm just thinking
about it.Ummm yea so anyways we spent about an hour
laughing and skateboarding.We laughed mainly because we
looked like we were waltzing on a skateboard.We also
laughed because we were enjoying being with each other.
When we got bored of skateboarding we decided to run around
the Mckinely Tech feild. We decided to have a race. I won
the first time so he decided to have a rematch.He won the
second round and then claimed he let me win the first time.
I rolled my eyes and we both laughed.Then we walked and
talked to each other.This gave us a chance to verbally get
to know each other. He then asked me if I was apart of what
society called "emo".I stared at him not wanting him to
judge me.Then I told him not knowing what he meant by emo.
I asked him his definition of "what society called". He
stopped grinning and picked up my arm. It was full of
bruises,burns,and cuts from when I punished myself for
living in my room. He told me it was okay and that being an
emo to him only meant that you had a deeper view on
life.That you couldn't take all the pain you were going
through only mentally in your brain so you had to let it
out physically.I stared at him thinking "Is he a cutter too?
He understands me completely. More than I understand
myself."He gazed at my eyes as if he was trying to figure
me out and nodded his head.He said"Dasia I don't cut.I just
understand you."I looked at him in amazement.It was almost
as if he read my mind.After we were done gazing at each
other we were crackin' up for no apparent reason. Then
while walking on the track he strangely jumped on the grass
while saying "aaahhhh this is good.cool green grass in the
summer" and motined for me to come lay next to him. I went
over slowly and laid down next to him in the cool green
grass.We gazed at each other and laughed before I noticed I
wasn't itching from the grass like I usually do.I asked him
if it was plastic."Yup..." he said still gazing at me."So
beautiful" I heard him whisper so soft I barely caught
it."Watcha say?" I asked wanting to see if he would admit
what he said."Nothing its...wanna go play video games?" he
said avoiding the subject."Sure" I said. So we walked
talking the whole time about almost everything we could
even think of.I also got a chance to scan his ipod.I found
out he liked the same type of music I liked.He called me
his female doppleganger and I laughed and said umm why
aren't we did. Hahaha i'm so corny.When we walked through
his neighborhood basketball court he introduced me to a
couple of his friends.I made eyecontact with him....(not
done writing just going to bed now...get paper off desk
under box)

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