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2010-02-11 06:39:30 (UTC)

too much??

is it too much to ask?
is it too hard to find?
its trying to see behind the mask
its playing games with the mind
asking for nothing but truth
wanting mothing but love
almost like pulling a tooth
or making it fit, that glove
asking for nothing but respect
wanting nothing but loyalty
sometimes having a good prospect
the only thing missing, chivalry
asking for nothing but heart
wanting nothing but all
getting just a tiny part
and still trying not to fall
asking for nothing but joy
wanting nothing but hope
praying its not another ploy
with me at the bottom of the rope
asking for nothing but more
wanting nothing but slow
taking the step out on the floor
with the willingness to say no
asking for nothing but how it should feel
wanting nothing but how it should be
not to my surprise, you're made of steel
and once again i end up on my knees
asking for nothing but honest and true
wanting nothing but sweet and kind
hard to find like the brightest ocean blue
and yet, right under my nose the perfect find
asking for nothing but real
wanting nothing but for it to last
still learning how to heal
and like all, still learning from the past
asking for nothing but true love
wanting nothing but the real thing
determined to find the perfect fit, that glove
and not willing to settle for less then everything.

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