Your Soul for Love?
2010-02-11 06:20:36 (UTC)

Love is closer miles away

Your undying love
Your lips on mine feeling
O' so divine
My heart aches because it knows
how far you are from me
but the forever seeming miles cant describe
the way that pain that fills me
Is so alive
So I lye here thinking
doodling sweet pictures of you in my journal
about the time we spent
and how much it meant
my heart was first ignorant
to the love it felt for you
but now it is fully aware
and fails to hide how much I care
for your beautiful soul
that can show in the smallest ways
like in your wonderful smile
and the way you slouch just right
so my chest meets yours
I will refuse to stop loving you
No matter how far you are from me
Because I will always remember that the love that connects
are soul
Is a boundless string made of the hardest emotion
to form the hope of romantic affair
and that that emotion is the love
and most importantly YOU LOVE ME

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