who i am
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2010-02-11 06:19:08 (UTC)


eyes as blue as the sky
that sparkle as bright as the stars
they loose me in the moon up high
and give me a glimpse of the being they call mars
a smile as white as the snow
that never melts in the sun
the dimples dip enough below
to make the eperience fun
arms as strong as steel
they hold me in place
the unbreakable bond from them i feel
it makes my heart race
lips as smooth as silk
that makes them irresistable
your hand on my neck with the slightest tilt
makes it all so magical
hands as tough as lether
they protect against harm
worn from the years of harsh weather
and holds the right amount of charm
a voice as soft as a whisper
with words that never have to be spoken
it can heal the smallest blister
without it ever having to be broken
a look as tender as a flower
it can bring me to my knees
refreshing sinsation like a shower
and soothing like hot tea.

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