who i am
2010-02-11 06:10:43 (UTC)

christmas poem

Getting the perfect gift for you
Was impossible to find
I thought of all I could do
I exhausted every option in my mind

For someone who is every bit perfect
They don’t make anything worthy
Stuff that will never quit fit
Or things that go topsy, turvy

I wanted something extraordinary
Something unique and hard to find
For I cant have you getting something plan and ordinary
It absolutely must be one of a kind

Something with feeling and lots of emotion
It must be able to tell you my dreams
If it could show my love and affection
Than that would be perfect it seems

Maybe if it told you my thoughts
Whispered to you each night
Have it let you know they cant be bought
And at the same time hold you tight

But believe it or not
Things like that cant be found
I’ve looked bottom to top
Checked every place around

My last stop was here
Never thought I would find it
This is as close as it comes dear
To letting you know you have it

It speaks and listens
It holds my dreams
It shows you how I glisten
At every thought of you and me

It shows my love and affection
So you will always know
That my feelings and emotion
Follow you wherever you go

Its unique and one of a kind
Nothing nor no one else will ever come close
It lets you know you’re always on my mind
And tells you that to me you mean the most

This Christmas, I know we wont be together
It breaks my heart in two
But I also know that from here until forever
Baby, its me and you

I hold you in my heart
This you know to be true
Distance will never keep us apart
For our love will forever remain new

Merry Christmas my Love and know that I’m proud of you.