who i am
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2010-02-11 06:10:11 (UTC)

id do it all

I’d swim across the oceans
I’d crawl across the world for you
For all my prayers have been answered
And every dream has come true

I’d go to the end of the earth
I’d search forever to bring you home
Whenever you find yourself lost
Or you ever find yourself alone.

I’d fight every battle for you
I’d run every race
To make sure you’re ok
And to keep you safe

I’d climb the highest mountain for you
I’d fall from the highest tree
All for my Love
To bring you back to me

I’d walk through fire for you
I’d stand in the pouring rain
If it means you’re here
And free from pain

I’d take the punishment
I’d endure the violence
Keeping you unharmed
And away from the turbulence

I’d lay down my life
I’d trade it all in
To keep you home
To have you here again

For every hour I spend away
My soul is inside out
For every second I’m apart
My heart is twisted about

I’ve waited a lifetime
I’ve found all I’ve waited for
This love you give me
I could not ask for more.