who i am
2010-02-11 06:08:34 (UTC)

down pour

standing in a down pour
i feel myself drifting
to a world other than this
feeling as though it's gripping
my arms spread wide
with my head tilted so
my eyes beginning to close
i just go with the flow
not a care in the world
just one thing on my mind
nothing of stress or worry
those are all left behind
each drop is amazingly soft
feeling like your kisses on my skin
one by one they take me away
along with all my sin
as i dream in awe
about things of you and me
i feel a sudden rush
as my heart picks up the beat
theres a little piece of heaven
with every tiny drip
the thought of you with me
they fall gently on my lip
no one else knows the feeling
that comes with sound of each patter
each and every one brings you home to me
everything else doesnt matter
its never been easy to say
when i dont want to let you go
but the next time the rain begins
i'll simply close my eyes and know
theres something sexy about the rain
that reminds me of you
maybe the way it wraps around me
or the feeling i get, same as when im with you.