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2010-02-11 02:24:35 (UTC)


10 February 2010
Today is Wed this wknd is presidents day yay! not. Im
glad it is a long wknd im just angry that i have to spend
it with my family.Its not that i hate my family its just
that i would much rather hang out with my friends. I get
so pissed off when my friends tell me all the fun they had
during their weekends going to the mall and the movies it
makes me feel excluded. They are the ones that get to go
to all the dances like the valentine's day dance organized
by the freshmen class officers. The freshmen class of 2013
officers at Pacifica High School could be considered
preppy wannabe skaters made up of some struggling jocks
and girly girls that are just so annoying that you just
want to grab by the neck and tell them to shut up. I hang
out with normal and not so normal people i have what you
call a healthy variety of friends. From scene and punk to
funny and very outgoing that yopu could mistake for girly
from far away but up close you will look them up and down
wondering "who do they think they are", well thats what i
think would be a preps perspective.The most preppy of them
all would have to be DA (i will refer to her as that in my
diaries) oh i wish i could stand up to
her they way i wished i could have in the 4th grade she
ruined my fourth grade and maybe just maybe destroyed me a
little just a tiny bit not even a little tear just a tiny
scratch. She would make fun of me every opportunity she
had thinking it was ok because she was pretending to be my
friend. She was such a teachers pet that teachers would
believe every word that came out of her mouth. So if i did
not do what i was told she had the power to get me into to
trouble, which back then i thought was the worst thing
ever happen because with just a little trouble my mom
would get angry shou wouldnt be violent with me or
anything she would ground me obviously but what would have
hurt me was the feeling that i made her angry with me or
dissapointed. Anyway, eventually that trick DA moved
away and i was happy to enjoy what was left to enjoy in
elementry school where i joined leadership council
and i was the biggest bookworm, but that helped me gain
the most awards in one day at the end of the year in 5th
grade about 10 awards and jr high all honors classes and
played softball i didn't suck at tryouts but i was ok 7th
grade really suckish 8th grade, but i moved on with good
grades except algerbra passed with a c thus making me
repeat my freshmen year now it is the easiest class this
is also the class where i reunited with the all time
irritating champion DA. Yes, my first day she pertended
that it was all good but really i don't think she
remembered the hell she put me thru. I will forever hold
that grudge until one day she will anger me and annoy me
so much that i will grab her by the hair and start
throwing punches until then i will ignore her irritating
face. I am not the same nieve girl i used to
be i grew as a person ang its funny that after those few
years she is still the same she still makes fun of
innocent girls behind their backs and she is still the
teachers pet that gets on everyones nerves.I am so glad i
grew taller than her haha because that stops her from
messing with me.

live laugh and love,