My Diary
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2010-02-10 15:04:55 (UTC)

Last day of my exams

I couldn't sleep the night before , I just kept thinking about
the next day I was so happy that I am finally going to finish
my exams.I went to the exam I was super nervous , I was so
scared I thought for a while that I just couldn't remember
anything of what I studied . I was so close to start crying ,
when the bell rang and the exam started I was so nervous and I
really wanted to cry. When I finished the exam I revised the
answers with my friends . I had no mistake at all . The day
after it we got our papers , I was so proud of myself I
thought the professor was going to say something instead he
just staid quite for a while and then he said you did "OK" , I
looked at him strangely I thought to myself " I did "OK"?? , I
am sure I did good" , I looked at the paper and I got a C . I
was shocked that I wanted to scream at the professor , the
only thing that stopped me from that was the bell . Believe me
the bell saved me A LOT this year . Like once I was like this
close from hitting Stacey for commenting on my hair , but
again here comes the rescuer , yupe the bell , anyways that
isn't the subject but I finished the subject , so tomorrow is
a new day with new stuff happening .

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