A Day in the Life
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2010-02-10 12:02:04 (UTC)


I'm totally rocking out to Selena Gomez. I know, how
terribly uncool for a 25-year-old guy, but it is upbeat and
I like it so that is all that matters.

I love working for the newspaper. They asked me to be the
Editor-in-Chief because I do so well. I think this is
partly because I like doing the work of editing the work of
others. I'm very organized and put in a lot of extra time
and it shows in my work. If I interviewed for the position
and worked here another year, I could totally get the job.

I think one of the reasons I'm so far behind in my work is
that I just don't like doing it. I love emergency
management from a response perspective, but that is mostly
because I like actually responding. When I worked for the
American Red Cross, I loved responding to disasters,
especially the national ones. Of course, the having to pee
thing really got in the way a lot of times, but the work was
very much worth it.

Then I came to NDSU and we don't really do anything remotely
like what we do in the field. It is very academic and very
rigorous and just sort of drains me. History that wasn't
survey was like that too. I don't like the in-depth details
about everything, I just like knowing the basics and doing.

I loved teaching, and I think I was pretty good at it. I
mean, something about standing in front of a classroom and
imparting knowledge to teenagers and making social studies
interesting to them seemed great to me. Neither of my
parents like the idea of me becoming a teacher, but one of
the reasons I went for this degree was so that I could turn
it around and put it with my education degree to get more

If I could get a job teaching in Fargo I'd take it in a
second. Well, I take that back, it really depends on the
pee situation. If I had that under control, I would jump on
a chance to teach here in Fargo. I'd keep my place and save
up all my money. I'd pay off my credit card bill and start
paying off my school loans and save for the future.

I am actually kind of hoping it does flood again in Fargo.
I don't want anyone to get hurt or lose their homes or
anything, but when it flooded last year campus was closed
for two weeks and I was pulled into the Emergency Operations
Center (EOC) for two weeks to run the call center. And I
was really good at it. I got a lot of praise and I felt
like I was making a real difference and loved the long days.

It all comes back to the pee thing though. If I could get
my bladder under control, I could start worrying more about
the future. I'm taking medicines and working on training my
bladder, but I need to get at the root of the problems or
I'll never figure it out. I guess we can address all this
more later. I need to get ready to start my day now that my
all-nighter is coming to a close. Hopefully I can get on a
better sleep schedule now (as long as I resist the urge to
nap today).