A Day in the Life
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2010-02-10 11:16:47 (UTC)

School Work

This entry is written immediately after the last one, but
the topic is different enough I feel it deserves its own page.

In less than three hours I am meeting with my therapist at
the school, who honestly has done very little to help me but
has been very nice to talk to. Now, however, I have to meet
with him to talk about my future with the school. I know
this because my adviser told me to meet with him. I'm
nervous about what he'll say in the meeting.

I know what I need to do to graduate and I know how to do
it. I don't mean to brag, but I am smart enough to do it as

The first step, I have to stay on top of my only class I am
currently in. Five annotations are due in less than seven
hours, and while I have found a few of my articles, I
haven't read a one of them and probably won't read any. I
cannot, under any circumstances, fall behind in my current

If I stay ahead in that class, I will also have time to
finish my work from last semester. I have about five or six
GIS maps to make, each which shouldn't be that hard. Then I
have to do a final report with a different set of maps. I
already have the data, but this stuff was due back in
December and by all means I should have flunked out. The
professor, Dr. Yoon, has given me incomplete marks which
means I might be able to make up the work. If I can, I
should be already.

I'm behind in another one of his classes as well, though
that assignment is much easier. All I need to do is
evaluate two mitigation plans and write a 12-15 page paper
on it. I have both plans, I have looked them over and know
what is in them. The paper should only take me a day or
two, but every time I sit down to do my evaluations, I just
can't work. I don't know why, but I have no desire to
finish. I work on my newspaper stuff at lightning quick
speed, and even this I can type relatively quick. But that
stuff, which is very easy, I just don't do.

My therapist and I have the same belief as to why that is
happening. If I finish the work for these two classes, then
I will only be one class and a thesis away from graduating.
If I graduate, I will probably have to move away from here
to find a new job, and I honestly like living here. Of
course, that is another entry.