Protege Moi
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2010-02-10 10:48:53 (UTC)


Ahhh, nothing's the same anymore. The things, and people,
used to be important aren't, and the people who are important
don't seem to care. I never do anything any more, I hardly go
out with people, and I really, really, want to escape. I'm 18
next year, which means money. Money that my parents (well,
mainly my dad) have been saving up since me and my sister
born. As soon as I get it I plan on getting away. Not for
long, obviously, but somewhere nice. I was thinking maybe San
Francisco, or something to that effect. Somewhere in America.
It would be nice to have someone to go with though, but I
don't seem to have much luck, making friends or otherwise.
Maybe it's my terminal shyness. Or maybe this is what growing
up feels like. I don't feel like I can tell people my dreams,
because I think they might laugh at me.

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