Halana's secret
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2010-02-10 05:12:53 (UTC)

Febuary is here

Well things have finally been happening around here on the
31st of January I left to spend a couple nights with my
mother which was a nice change of pace I got there got my
stuff brought in from the car and put them in out of the
way then it seemed like I just kicked in to get things done
so I let her go through the boxes of stuff I had brought to
go to the second hand shop then we went through the stuff
I wanted out of her boxes then we spent some time going
through some things mom wanted me to go through I think the
funnest thing for that day was when mom told me to go
through her closet and take out what I thought was ugly so
I went through and to my suprise she got rid of 90% of what
I pulled out of her closet. I was actually suprised at how
much we had accomplished in one day then the second day we
got up pretty early loaded some of the stuff into the car
that was going to the second hand shop we grabbed some
breakfast and took off for the day we went to the Mikado
second hand shop I found some cute tops for me some t-
shirts for Tony and even a wcw wrestleing quilt for my
husband and a few other odds and ends then we had the idea
to go to Tawas second hand store since I was on a mission
to find another winter jacket so off we went to Tawas we
stopped in Oscoda at a new store that had just opened up I
thought everything in the store was a little over priced
but mom found something she had been looking for for a long
time so she was willing to pay the high price from there we
stopped at the second hand shop in Tawas there was really
nothing there that would fit me or was my style I did find
a jacket and a wwe wrestleing vest I also bought some
necklaces to take apart for the beads then we made a stop
at long jonh silvers for lunch from there we went to Ben
Franklins then to Dollar Daze since mom was looking for
things to redo her bathroom then we were both broke and
tired so we headed home that night we redid her bathroom
climbed into our pjs and watched a movie the last day was a
quick day we were up by 9:30 am or so got dressed got my
stuff together and all I could think is Tony is going to
flip out on how much stuff Im bringing home so we headed
back up to Alpena and we unloaded the car and that was the
end of my weekend with mom On Wednesday I was able to order
my beads I have wanted for some time now and tomarrow I
will finally get them